To the action and excitement lovers who are fighting for survival in Pubg Mobile, you can now charge the skins of PUBG, to get more suspense and fun and fly in a world of limitless imagination!  

Recharge PUBG now, get PUBG points or PUBG widgets, and enjoy buying everything you want to acquire from additional special features within the game.  

Charge PUBG uc wedges now and acquire unique PUBG game weapons, which enable you to achieve a crushing victory over your enemies, and you can also acquire different clothes with wonderful colors in the game that distinguish you among your colleagues.

How to use ? :

How to redeem Pubg uc cards?

1- Visit (
2- Enter your PUBG Mobile operator ID.
3- Enter the code, then click OK to redeem.
4- You will receive UC in your PUBG account immediately after redemption.

Note: This product does not apply to Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Vietnamese PUBG servers.

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Terms and Conditions:

This product is for the global PUBG version.

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