Reef Cafe

How to use it


Reef is a space with a Saudi identity that began decades ago with a rich history with a distinctive rural touch that developed through multiple stages, starting from being the Reef Golf Club and the Reef Compound until it became the Reef REEF.

How to use ? :

1- Contact WhatsApp on 966559559983 for advance reservation
2- At the appointed time, head to the countryside:
3- When you arrive, go to the reception desk
4- Give your name to the employee based on the reservation, then show the Reef card that you purchased from Like Card
5- The employee will verify your card code and provide the service

The countryside now includes within its walls:
Basma Hall for meetings and celebrations. Colors of the Feather Reserve for birds and animals, Pick Padel, Levure Bakery and Café, Reef tree house
Reef Resturant, Reef Compound

Location: Riyadh - Al Waseel:
For reservations and inquiries/WhatsApp:

Advance reservation is necessary

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Terms and Conditions:

1- This card is valid for one-time use.
2- The card must be used for its full value. If the value of the services purchased is less than the value of the card, the difference will not be calculated.

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