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In 1976, Anita Roddick set up a boutique for the global cosmetics brand, The Body Shop, in Brighton, England. The brand strives to make a positive difference in the world by offering high quality, natural skin and hair care products and sustainably made cosmetics. The Body Shop has built a philosophy to make its stores a force for good and that philosophy is still practiced in the brand's stores today. The Body Shop has more than 3,000 stores in more than 60 countries around the world. From their signature cruelty-free fragrances to potent skin care and 100% vegan beauty products, The Body Shop makes sure you can surprise that special someone with an exceptional gift.

How to use ? :

How to redeem The Body Shop card :

This eGift Card is redeemable for only The Body Shop Stores owned by Kamal Osman Jamjoom Group LLC within the Western, Northern & Southern regions of KSA.

Terms and Conditions:

1- This Gift Card is only valid for a one-time purchase of the full value.
2- Expired Gift Cards cannot be extended or refunded.
3- It is not possible to refund, refund or return.

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