charge Noon 100 SAR to chance in getting Noon 500 SAR extra credit

100 SAR

How to use it

Noon is one of the largest and leading online shopping platforms in the Middle East, famous by its original products and its provision of various products.
And to facilitate shopping on Noon platform, we present to you today charge Noon 100 SAR to chance in getting Noon 500 SAR extra credit shopping gift cards.
Prepaid shopping cards, with multiple and different balances, to facilitate shopping on Noon.
All you have to do is buy a Noon card, pay in completely secure ways to receive the card code, charge your account on Noon platform and enjoy an easy and perfect shopping experience.
Certainly, Noon gift cards are the perfect for easy and fun shopping, for personal use, or a gift to your friends or family.
Hurry up now and get your card and go on an endless shopping journey.

How to charge the Saudi noon card?

1- Log in to your Noon account.
2- Click on Noon Balances and then click on Redeem Gift Card.
3- Enter the gift card number and PIN.
4- Click on redeem and start shopping.

Or through the link:

Note: Once redeemed, the balance will be visible to you under Noon Balances and at the checkout page. To redeem your Noon Gift Card, you must update your application.

1- This product is only for Noon accounts registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2- The gift card code can be used within a year from the date of creation by noon.
3- The gift card cannot be extended, exchanged or refunded.
4- It is not possible to refund, refund or return.
5- You are entirely responsible for protecting your Gift Card from unauthorized use. Noon and LikeCard shall not be liable if any Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged, or if your Gift Card is used without your permission. Noon and LikeCard are not responsible for any illegal behavior or fraud by any third party associated with any Gift Card.

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